Current Challenges

• As companies grow, how do you tell previous donors that you’ve grown to big for smaller donations providing for entire programs?

• what order do we upgrade? Infrastructure vs equity minimums vs other employees

• board development – How do you get and keep quality board members?

• should founding members and executive directors have a vote on the board?

• how do we maintain our brand while expanding into new programs?

• how do we get and keep multi-skilled workers ie. the actor/manager model

• dealing with facilities management

• finding and recruiting angel donors

• ‘sweat’ equity – execs working more than theyre paid and eventually burning out.

• for next year – should there be 2 budget sessions per budget size?

Questions for Susan
• can endowement be re-assigned?
– yes, if you can convince your donor to change, requires an official amendment.

• asking for money after the fact (once a program is complete)
– not a good idea according to Susan

• We have a surplus but still need donations
– list your surplus as a line item in the budget – list as contribution to reserves or board reserves


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