Autism Spectrum

Autism Presentation

Working with kids on Autism Spectrum – Dr. George Mutch

Have ground to make up. Good at diagnosing, need to work on treating.

Diagnosis is language-based. [See handout – “I L.A.U.G.H.” list.]

Now on “DSM5” manual for diagnosis – shift, “asbergers” went away.

See hand-out for expected behaviors and steps to build physical and verbal


Strategies for working with the kids

– different for each. What works with one will fail miserably with the next.

– Scheduling – warning the group that “in 5 minutes we’ll be moving on to

– Use their preference for rule-following to set rules that will help with

– Tool “5 point scale” – e.g. very calm to very angry.

From the Floor:

– Put the question on the registration form: “Is there any special needs or

X” so they can prepare for a change

interaction in group setting.

anything we should know about your child.”

From Rebecca Ennals

– Shakespeare particularly useful due to

o iambic pentameter (= a “rule”)

o Soliloques frequently express the kinds of self-reflective thoughts

that autistic kids don’t general have.

o They frequently have fantastic memorization skills, and can

memorize the whole play, and then read all the others. Then you

can help them understand the character by comparing them to

other Shakespearean characters.

From Michael Bahr

– Individualized Instruction business

– “tips for young actors” from Viola Spolin improve RULES– works really

well with autism spectrum.

From Lisa Wolpe

– Lizzy Ingrahm – healing instruction at Syracuse, based on the Linklater


LOOK FOR: Hunter Heartbeat at Univ. of Ohio

Note Taker: Lisa Tromovitch


Article mentioned in discussion: Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

Book mentioned in discussion: Shakespeare’s Heartbeat


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