Common Core

Common Core

Sarah Enloe, Kelly Boske

What are complaints we have heard from teachers?

–Curriculum is too strict or not strict enough – varies state to state

Shakespeare is the only named author in CC

Kelly: You’re already meeting many CC standards with the activities that you are doing

–Aim for Anchor Standards

Activity: Iambic Bodies

–11 volunteers to be one syllable in an iambic line (plus a feminine ending) – line used for example was “To be or not to be…”

–What parts of speech are emphasized/stressed? (helps grammar standards)

–This activity can also help students develop thematic ideas – could the words emphasized be the theme of the play? – point for discussion among students

–Iambic BodiesĀ hit eight CC standards!

Most important aspect is to make them students of Shakespeare, which means getting up and on your feet as Shakespeare and his company would have done.

Other activities suggested: character friezes, word-for-word paraphrasing, “Given Circumstances,” making a word cloud, having students perform scenes not in the play, writing scenes as if they were magazine articles, question-and-answer with a student playing a character and other students asking him/her questions

Link to document used for reference:


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