STA education focus group­ sean hagerty moderator

Sent around a paper for people to write the name of their company and contact info to

update list for the education division

3 tasks to get through for the group

­update the STAeducation survey­agree on language used , questions­then the updated

version will get sent out to everyone

­Discuss projects, best practices

­Elect new chair of education and training


Context­hoping, on an annual basis, to collect info on STA theatres and education

programs in particular, so that over the years we can see how items is flunctuating and

also provide useful resources for talking to boards, etc.

Group went through survey questions and brought up further questions,etc.

1) What is group’s audience reach annually

2 )How many full time, part time staff

3) Theatre by size­audience reach of theatre itself in population­location­size of


4) Finances­theatre’s annual budget ­ and education budget (revenue and expense)

5) Theatre education budget less salaries

6) The theatre’s average education specific sponsorship or grants in a season

7) # of performances

8) # of performances for students

9) # of performances in school

10) Student matinees­ yes or no ­ if yes what is price structure

11) # of productions performed by students

12) Price for student performances

(At this point there was a discussion of length and purpose of survey)

13) What percent of audience is under 5

14)What percent of education is under 5

15) Same questions in other age subsets

16) Enter % of at risk or underserved students


­%Special needs

­%English language learners

17) Separate out education programs vs audience

18) Payment for services

19) What % is donor funded

20) Which % is charged

21) What about other education programs­same questions

22) What portion is charged audience and education program

23) What is being charged?

24) What % is scholarship

audience­continuance of programs­ once a year or more frequently

25) Select types of education programming offered by company

26) What do donors/foundations primarily choose to fund

27) Who pays for your teacher workshops or training

28) Length of programming offered with list

29) Educator resources offered followed by list

30) Digital engagement distance learning with list

31) Someone in education department working just on digital engagement? Maybe

separate into outreach or inreach or percentages of time of employee

Discussion­ Other issues ­ under categories of education program ­ many others

­What about org that provide training for other organization or training for education or

teacher training?

­ What about In school vs after school

­ Could STA help train other org to offer new programs

­In survey­ maybe some aspects may need to be narrowed or just accept a certain

stiffness in survey

­Question about differentiating between private or public schools

­Will there be a way to look both at quantitative and qualitative data

­Differentiate between education and actor training

Choosing New Director of Education and Training for STA

­Sean says purview is up to the directtor­ from chairing focus groups to helping with the

colleagues to formulate stuff like the survey

­Also designing the practicum ­ the paracticum is becoming more successful and larger-
who organizes it? Lately has been organization perhaps chair should with organizationto

help with the practicum.

­Director needs to communicate with exec committee

­Director has to attend practicum

Sean suggests Ed from Stratford ­ then he seemed to be chosen by acclimation

New Programs/Practices

Oregon Shakespeare Festival­ new 3 year high school program

­Partner with Oregon schools 4 new schools every year­

­Teacher training/School tour component with residency­ 2 to 3 days to week

­Chosen on basis of need­ free lunch program

­At the end of 3 year partnership­bring group to theatre

Notes: Definitely do prep work to ensure it’s a good fit school and company­site visit with

performance and workshop tests admin ability to make program useful­sometimes

schools in crisis can’t take advantage or there is not support at the top

­ Generally English teachers

­Goal is to eventually partner with all schools in Oregon

­The most challenging aspect is administrative continuity ­ principal or teacher is often

gone before the program is done with cycle

Question ­ pre and or post data?

No because of dealing with other challenges

Wrap up

­ We’ve solidified the survey

­ Agreed chair is Edward (?) from Stratford

­ Practices discussion will cont at lunch

­ Agreed need 2 focus groups per conference

Everyone thanked Sean for his great work

Becky reminds people that NASA shakespeare in space is coming­ be prepared


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