George Mutch, PsyD

5132475_photowebI started my career as an MSW and feel that every clinical experience has lead me to this point. After completing many years of work I returned to school and completed my doctorate. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2003 and have continued my work with children, feeling lucky to be doing what I do in such a supportive environment.

The focus of my practice has narrowed over time to diagnosis and treatment for children diagnosed with Autism. The diversity and presentation of symptoms in autism spectrum disorders makes this work as challenging as it does rewarding. The move to the Autism Clinic has enriched my understanding and provided me with a chance to work on something I feel can really make a difference. The opportunity to draw on parent’s expertise and knowledge of their child and combine that with techniques that facilitate communication and socialization has been the highlight of my career.

Observation, listening, and collaborating are at the core of my treatment philosophy. Techniques that support and empower families have the most positive impact. I feel that we have made incredible inroads in terms of diagnosis and now is the time to really focus on treatment. My role as a clinical specialist has allowed me to work with a number of therapists throughout the Bay Area and share what we have all learned. I believe that Kaiser Permanente is really in a position to make significant positive impact in this area of practice.


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