Get You Home: New Spaces for Shakespeare

I. Where Is It, What Is It, Why Build It?

Angus: (idea phase)

– Globe Theatre built from shipping containers and scaffolding

o can be put up anywhere there are shipping containers, scaffolding

o recreate Globe experience anywhere across the world

o movable – assemble it, leave it 6mos-1year, move it later, re-assemble it

it, break it down, move it again

Clark: (about to start construction)

– building is former 1st

Church of God

o mother church of the denomination, so Gamut had to form a great

relationship with the community to make this happen

o will have:

260-seat mainstage

150-seat kids’ theater

classrooms, scene shop, courtyard for green shows

o to be called Gamut Next Door

300 yards from current Gamut location

Fred: (currently under construction)

– started construction last fall

– 8.5 acres

– currently on campus; new spaces will be across the street

– new art gallery

– new outdoor theatre is coming

o actor/audience relationship will be the same as in the current outdoor


o dedicated spaces for costumes, crafts, hair/makeup will be attached

– also building:

o rehearsal hall

first dedicated space for rehearsal in Utah Shakes’ history

o flexible studio theatre (seats 200-250, dep. on config.)

o new greenshow/commons area

– completion: Feb 2016

Lesley: (completed construction)

– new space was necessary; opportunity arose to move to Baltimore

– Bank building from 1886; had last renovation 12 years ago (as a nightclub); still

needed a lot of work

– Purchase: May 2012

o 50 actors scrubbed it clean for nothing but love!

– Groundbreaking: July 2013

o Mayor attended!

– Features:

o 20,000 sq.ft. of workable space (but really only 14,000 because of old

bank vaults)

turned vaults into soundproof family rooms!

o lighting kept very effective but minimal

o chameleon wall; can be changed, made into windows, set wall, etc; panels

can be taken down completely

II. Cost


– First iteration: $1M – 1.5M

o built to be strong

o 40-ft containers for the stage, 20-ft containers for the seating

o polycarbonate roof for stage/seating

o industrial mesh shading around entire structure


disperses rain droplets

beautiful external lighting affect

– Subsequent iteration should be cheaper

– should take 2-3 months to assemble once containers are sourced

– seating: ~480 (up to as many as 1000)


– building cost $1.2M

– architects/further renovations/etc: $4M

– grand total = $6.7M


– started at $27M (already owned the land)

– will end up coming in at $38.6M

o still about $1.4M left to raise


– $2.5M project

o raised $1.1M so far

III. Compromise


– ideally behind the scenes

o attic area: would have cost $40,000 to make it more accessible; declined

o materials: panels on chameleon wall are heavier/less expensive than

initially desired


– Aesthetic; USF wanted building to embrace Tudor look; architect refused

– Govt:

o State legislature insisted on LEED Silver certification (affected

landscaping, heating, lighting)

o State govt. also dictated types of plants in landscaping

– Point of no compromise: there will be a studio space


– currently no air conditioning, no sprinkler system

o will be taken care of

– not currently ADA compliant

o will be taken care of

– kids’ theatre will be scene shop until Gamut can afford the $0.5M it will cost to

put the scene shop one level down, under the kids’ theatre

– using city steam for heating is expensive

o hoping to use alternative systems harnessing ambient heat,etc.


– not much; modular nature of the theatre means that after the stage is built, the

iteration of the seating can be adjusted as can be afforded; we can also do a

Blackfriars configuration if necessary

– The possibility exists for seats in the pit; the essence of the engagement, though,

is that you stand if you’re in the pit (response to moderator question)

IV. Sustainability


– containers are essentially indestructible

– scaffolding is made of material that is meant to be outdoors

– financial sustainability:

o should be essentially low cost


– Gamut had been paying rent for 20 years

o felt like throwing away money

o if necessary, Gamut can whittle down project costs to that rent level of

money, and complete the project over longer period of time

– new mayor: way to uplift the city is not through austerity

o atmosphere of support


– new space is beating projections (50% of capacity) so far


– for new theatre spaces, O&M fund will be $350,000 annually

o may have to be surcharge on tickets

o hopefully, eventually, new state legislature will offer better relationship

V. Q&A

– Why is USF O&M budget the responsibility of USF, not the state?

o Fred – new legislature. Hopefully, new state legislature will be more


– Source of funding for new spaces?

o Lesley – lead donor pledge $3M

o Fred:

$3M gift from major corp. spurred several other $1M gifts

Engelstad family pledged $5M

Sorensten family pledged $7.5M to memorialize their mother

o Clark – lead donor (actor) gave $150,000

(another corporation also stepped in)

– Will the Container Globe produce shows/programming?

o No, simply the facility

– Are your naming rights offered in perpetuity?

o Fred: in perpetuity

o Lesley: in perpetuity

o Clark: in perpetuity, except for the bar

– Consultants/Feasability Experts?

o Lesley: Theatre Consultants Collaborative Inc.

o Fred: Fisher Dachs

o Clark: Church member helped Gamut get the building and did all the

plans for free


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