Over $2 million

Budget Size – Over 2 million

Introductions –

Utah Shakes – 7 miilloin

Orlando Shakes – 5 + million

Hudson Valley SHakes -just under 3 million

Cincinatti Shakes – just under 2 million

Utah shakes ed- 600,000

Oregon Shakespeare Festival – 34 million

500 plus employees

Education – over one million

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

2.4 million

endowment campaign for 3 million

American Shakespeare Center

Major capital expense in regard to dramatically increasing

Patron manager

dynamic pricing model


earned income,/raised

Oregon shakes 65/35 – deliberate strategy, censor problems when earned income is so high

moving to patron manager, leaving theatre manager

Endowment tied to a building – matched

endowment tied to the day to day needs to be flexible

eighty – 20 deal

80 goes to specific things, 20 goes into a particular fun and used in a way that you want

non for profits need to make money- contribution to (board, operating, artistic)reserves as an expense

item, promps a different conversation with the donor

“we never want to be in the room for a bailout”

if its above the line, draws the eye

“we have to have a surplus, because we need to fund…”

“we have to get to the future first”

school managed money – endowment

Investment Target of 7- 7.5

Investment Target of 7- 7.5

BUdgeting for a surplus?

Capital improvement schedule – bottom line surplus is 75,000

Surplus for reserve purposes

Bonus structure – meeting surplus and bonuses tied

losing staff, is also a business loss

those with the least amount of money get 3 percent, next tier 2 percent, next 1 percent

if the budget is on track, staff is more invested – budget is there and its clear

“theatre artist are who really subsidize theatre”

special projects fund – bids/internal fund

project posting

risk and opportunity capital-stratigaclly,

importance of a strategic planning process

-very well written wish lists

5 year plans

online service called “onstrategy” – weekly emails about what you should be doing to stay on task

5 pack – not terribly expensive

monthly fee – vested interest


markets and sub-markets

importance of funking for marketing research

Using the local Universities schools of business to help create marketing research

3 year or more strategic plans, that measure annual incoming

focus groups – compilation of results, founders able to hear what are not able to hear before

What should stay the same, what should change?

High quality development staff

development manager, works with board members, artistic dir, and managing dir.

development goal 500,000

planning in place

don’t know if there is an answer to keeping development director

mandated percentage in board policy for reserve

mandated percentage in board policy for reserve


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