Shakespeare 400: 2016 Celebration Activities

Workshop Handout: 2016 Shakespeare’s Legacy Celebration

Shakespeare Passport: ShakespearePassport-STA2015

Rebecca Kemper: Chairwoman for 2016 celebrations

–400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (legacy).

In 1916, the 300th anniversary was a way to bring everyone together even in wartime.

Branching out in next years.

International partners:

–          Shakespeare for 100

–          British Council

–          NASA

How do we get the word out about 2016 celebrations? Let STA know what you are doing that year. Each month will highlight a STA member theatre event (ex. January conference, April birthday bashes…)

There will be a STA program notice so your audience members know you are part of something larger…international.

Shakespeare passport program (

—falstaff awards, Shakespeare and Shakespeare pro apps

Shakespeare passport

–          Promoting Shakespeare

–          Audience engagement

–          Visual ticket

–          Extra access

–          Free to download for theatres and audiences—theatres need to give incentive

o   Incentive: 100 items for each theatre at STA16

–          Quality text, look up Shakespeare words, freebies…

–          Instant audience

How to sign up:

–          Visit website (

–          Click ‘join’

–          Secret code: STA

–          Download app

Future goals:

–          More theaters/venues

–          Interactive map

–          Audience tracking system

Special announcement: Shakespeare 3.0!

–          Notetaking

–          Advanced search

–          Sharing

Looking for committee members


Folger project

–          Send folios to all 50 states

o   STA support

–          Announcement to follow regarding folio location

–          English speaking union

–          Hamlet theme

o   One person play told from hamlet’s gravedigger

o   Folios will all be open to “to be or not to be”

o   Shakespeare academy—hamlet


400 dreams initiative—promote Shakespeare in every time zone

On april 23rd, 2016, upload what you are doing

–          37 plays, 37 time zones

Info to Kristin Clippard


Shakespeare: Digital Film Initiative

–          Online film festival

–          User uploaded

–          Under 3 min clip, something about Shakespeare (performance, testimonial, etc.)

–          Everyone can participate

o   Children, politicians

–          STA website

o   Highlighting one video from each category

o   Linked to YouTube

o   Updated each week

–          Goal: 50 videos by August

–          Partnering with British Council

–          Major politicians please

o   High profile gives high profile gives high profile

–          Sample email templates to send out

–          Attempting to get Shakespeare spoken from space

o   Biology and Shakespeare

  • STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, Mathematics

o   NASA proposal

o   Event recorded and streamed

–          Literally “I’ll put a girdle round the earth in 90 minutes”



–          Give STA your plans

–          Talk to leaders

–           Rebecca Kemper:


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