Shakespeare & Accessibility

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With Peter and Luane from Rochester

NTID is 1 of 2 primary deaf education orgs in US

Interpreted theatre vs shadowing or ‘del-sign’ theatre.
Classic interpreted theatre only provides a bandaid and does not fully incorporate the  deaf experience.
Luane’s del-sign theatre is where a deaf actor shadows each speaking actor, signing and physically performing. In midsummer, the faires (played by deaf actors) were spirits who shadowed their human counterparts, simultaneously acting and sometimes commenting on the non-deaf actors choices.

For deaf actors body language and physical movement become even more important and highlighted.

Because of their limitations Luane has found that many deaf actors have a much stronger physical presence than hearing actors.

ASL vs english and other sign language
ASL has full body gestures, while other forms focus more on just hand movements

Mirroring and copying is a natural skill for most deaf actors as they have done it all their life

How do you rehearse, warmup, mill and seethe when your deaf actors must see you at all times to know what you are saying?

1. Side by side scripts with ASL image translations and classic text
2. Trust building exercises so all actors become more comfortable communicating non-verbally with each other.
3. Mirroring exercises and others ways to blend the cultures deaf and hearing.

All actors have a physical accent just like a verbal accent. This is even more pronounced in deaf actors.


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