Powerpoint Presentation: Use of Technology in Education and Performance Settings

Use of Technology in Education and Performance Settings

Laura Cole, Steve Muterspaugh

“Innovative augmented reality technology for use in classroom and performance


Field just developing.

Re: in-schools – many don’t have the technology in the classroom, others do

Re: Original Practices theaters – wanting to stress live, personal experience vs

“technology is there, so we have no choice but to embrace it”

Visited this topic STA 2012

Project-based learning. Can integrate technology.

Ask self: What do you use tech for?

What would you like to use tech for?

Why wouldn’t you use tech?

Best Practices – go to Folger Shakespeare Library site

Private U-tube channel for teacher training (SF Shakes)

Video tape signed translation-password protected (Rochester Community Players,


Students use group dictionary on their phones

Use technology in creation of final projects at schools

– on-line comic books of the plays using still images

ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education

– based in Pacific North West

– presented by Jay Shepherd, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

– have Standards for students, teachers, administrators, detailed

edutopia also leaders in Technology in Education

– post great FB articles

Globe Education “staging it”


– students “create content”

– explore conflict, resolution of conflict, relationship, etc.

– This is new. May not work on all computers.

“Experiencing Shakespeare” Folder’s electronic fieldtrip

Stephen Unwin, Artistic Director of The Rose, London at Emory University

– video of his master class at Atlanta Shakespeare Company at the Tavern

Hudson Valley Shakespeare – Juliet’s FB page (closed page, protect student privacy)

Google Hangouts

– Can use for meetings instead of SKYPE.

– can do scene work with kids at different schools

-Blue Jeans video conferencing software, insanely expensive, very clear

(Edward looking at it for Stratford). Students engaged, interactive. He adapted

exercises to the video way of working. Wireless not clear. Best if plugged in.

– WebX? Michael uses for design meetings

Tango, Glide – live apps, phones, not documented for later use

Steve Muterspaugh – Augmented Reality

– uses Aurasma app (replaces QR codes), free

o e.g. scan cover of the program to trigger video content

o biggest hurdle is that they have to subscribe to your Aurasma

channel (and have the app)

o like clicking on a link on your web page, but available on the phone

o can post the study guide material, or a 30 second talk-thru of

exercise for the teacher

o lighting of the trigger image can be a problem

o e.g. of Adding a special FX, rain image on screen while pointing the

camera on the stage

o can integrate your theater app with Aurasma

o can do click throughs e.g. post card to book tickets

o Can geo tag … site-specific performances … treasure hunt style

– Others are there: Layr


– students creating content through Twitter Improv and blogged diary

Note Taker: Lisa Tromovitch


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