While we’re all hoping for warm, sunny weather to shine on STA, we want to be sure you pack appropriately (this is San Francisco, not San Diego.) January is San Francisco’s wettest – and one of its coolest – months, in the middle of rainy season. Precipitation often comes as a storm, and it’s not uncommon to get the entire month’s rainfall in just a day or two. As the winter storms push eastward, the rains turns to snow at Lake Tahoe and sometimes in Yosemite.

For rainy days, an umbrella may not be your best choice. They’re hard to carry on crowded sidewalks and don’t protect from wind-driven raindrops. A warm, waterproof jacket with hood is a better idea – or a longer-length rain coat.

A mid-weight jacket will be enough on dry days. You can leave the heavy winter coat at home, but San Franciscans often wear gloves, hat and a scarf on cooler mornings.

Use the weather averages to get an idea of what things may be like, but it might be different when you visit. A winter day could even be so warm you’ll wish you packed your shorts.

Averages are helpful for planning ahead, but don’t count on your trip being “average.” Check the San Francisco weather forecast before you leave home.
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