Where the Fish Are: Swimming in Social Media

The YouTube flashmob:
 – Socialnomics http://ow.ly/H770N
– Instagram Advertising http://ow.ly/H775I

Powerpoint Presentations

Social Media – where the fish are in 2015:

Social Media – Audience focused session

Social Media is not emerging (it’s already here), it’s MERGING, i.e. mobile devices are ubiquitous and now have innumerable applications
Top 5 Social Media sites for 2014 according to Pew Research Center (ranked in order)
1. Facebook – 71% of internet users use Facebook
58% of world population uses Fbook
More video views than youtube
Facebook “pages” have lost their advertising power as Fbook buries advertising posts on pages – in order to reach the most people you must purchase advertising “space”
“Custom audience” and “behavior options” search functions allow for very specific audience targeting
“Local Awareness” also allows you to target ads to those nearby a performance space or other venue by recognizing your location and sending your mobile device an ad
Facebook best practices: short videos attract most attention, use Facebook only discounts
2. Linkedin
13 year old new minimum age.
3. Pinterest
Largely female users
4. Instagram
70 millions images posted a day
50 times more brand engagement than twitter
Now has paid advertising, still very affordable in many markets
Instagram Best Practices: Post at least 1 photo or video per week, cross market with twitter and Facebook through custom button and tabs on other platforms, visual appeal matters in 93% of all purchases – so make it look great!
5. Twitter
Trending up among: Under 50, whites, 65+, college educated
81% of their users primarily use twitter on a mobile device
 reasonable advertising prices
Twitter Best Practices: Use images, include a hyperlink and make it trackable, longer tweets are more likely to be re-tweeted, target followers of specific accounts i.e. your doing a clown based show and want to invite various other types of clown artists.
Final Thoughts:
Make social media content as high quality as what’s on your stage

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